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Chris Rennard has been a member of the Liberal Democrat party for more than 40 years and was awarded a peerage in 1999. Chris Rennard has written his account of becoming involved with the Liberal Democrats with his book, “Winning Here”.

The dangers of First Past the Post in the UK have been shown in the UK over the last ten years with the system enabling the last decade of chaos. The French were only able to avoid a far right government because they don’t have First Past the Post. Sir Keir Starmer should take heed of his party members’ support for proportional representation.

Lord Rennard in Parliament

King’s Speech

My Lords, a key test of this Government in five years’ time will be whether we are a more civilised country, a more tolerant society and a healthier democracy, with greater public confidence and engagement in it and less divisive rhetoric. In the previous Parliament, we saw many measures introduced by a Conservative Government who were constantly seeking to change in their favour the rules by which elections are conducted to try and assist their return to office – to which I might say, “A fat lot of good it did them”.

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