House of Lords: Parliamentary Constituencies Bill

Consideration of Commons amendments to the Parliamentary Constituencies Bill. Suggestions made to the Bill include automatic voter registration. Sir Woolley’s amendment to the bill asks to consider changing the current voting system for one that is easier for young people and people in ethic minorities to register and be part of our democracy. Lord Rennard calls for a system that automatically invites a young person to vote when they are notified of their national insurance number. Such notification would cost the government nothing.

The easiest way to register to vote is with a national insurance number, so that the best time to vote is when you get it. The latest figures from the Electoral Commission shows that 75% of young people are not registered to vote. This stands against 6% of the people over 65. Automatic voter registration will bring more young people from all demographics into the voting system. There is a danger that young black people will never register to vote and be part of our democratic society.

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