This page contains articles and publications by Chris Rennard. These articles contain information about Liberal Democrats General Election campaigns and strategies.

The Liberal Democrat General Election Campaign 2001

Expectations and Achievements by Chris Rennard Prior to the campaign Liberal Democrats knew that there were low expectations outside the party about what we could achieve in the General Election campaign of June 2001. Professor Bob Worcester confidently forecast that the Liberal Democrats would be down to 32 seats. The Guardian regularly reported ICM polling analysis saying that we would win only around 25 seats. Early in the campaign the Sun reported that Simon Hughes in North Southwark and Bermondsey ...
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Liberal Democrat Strategy

“ A new high watermark for the Liberal Democrats” Achievements and Expectations The 2005 General Election campaign was the fourth contested by the Liberal Democrats (having been formed following the decisions of the Liberal Party and the SDP to merge after the 1987 General Election which they fought as the Alliance). For the Liberal Democrats, it was the most successful of the four election campaigns in every sense. Liberal Democrat vote share (UK) increased over the four elections from 17.8% ...
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A Critical Evaluation of Rennadism.

‘Winning Here?’ A Critical Evaluation of Rennardism, by Jonathan Marshall. This essay discusses the influence of Chris Rennard’s campaigning strategy that went on to coin the term "Rennardism". This essay refers to the biography of Charles Kennedy, Rennard’s memoirs and Ashdown’s diaries. Additionally there are findings from interviews with Chris Rennard and leading Liberal Democrat activist, Mark Pack. Read other articles ...
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From Protest to Power – The Progress of the Liberal Democrats

The Rocky Road to 2010. The Liberal Party and the SDP merged to form the Liberal Democrats in 1988. This article follows the parties development from this time to 2010. Chris Rennard reflects on successful strategies on survival and growth of the party during his time as Director of Campaigns and Elections. ...
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