Winnng Here: My Campaign Memoirs

January 25, 2018 5:18 PM

Chris Rennard - Winning Here: My Campaigning Life, Memoirs Volume 1 (Biteback Publishing)Published Today - WINNING HERE: My Campaign Memoirs

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  • How did the Liberal Party survive in the 1970s?
  • Why were the Liberal Democrats formed?
  • How did the Lib Dems fight off David Owen's SDP?
  • What was the story of the 13 Lib Dem parliamentary by-election successes between Eastbourne in 1990 and Dunfermline & West Fife in 2006.
  • How did the party grow from 19 MPs to 63?
  • How did it become 'the second party of local government' with over 5,000 Councillors?
  • What were Paddy Ashdown's dealings with Tony Blair all about?
  • How did Charles Kennedy come to lead opposition to the Iraq War and how did the party reach the peak of its electoral successes under him, cope with his health problems and the controversy of his enforced resignation?

My insight into all these issues is described in a volume of memoirs stretching from my father's experience as a wounded POW in WWI, being brought up by my disabled Mum after my father died, orphaned at 16 and having to finish school living in my own flat.

I started running council elections in my teens, was a successful constituency agent at 22, the Lib Dem Director of Campaigns & Elections at 29, a peer at 39, and Chief Executive at 43 when the party was at the height of its electoral successes.