Proposed Electoral Integrity Bill: Voter ID

The government is introducing the Electoral Integrity Bill which will require everyone to provide photo ID when they vote. By introducing this bill there will certainly be sections of society that will refrain from voting. These people will more likely be younger, from diverse ethnic backgrounds and poorer. Therefore much less likely to vote Conservative. By bringing in this bill it will make it easier for the Conservatives to stay in power.

Given that more than 9 million people fail to vote shouldn’t the government focus on getting more voters in the polling station? Found out more about the Electoral Integrity Bill from Unlock Democracy. You can sign a petition to scrap the Voter ID requirement introduced in the Election Integrity Bill here.

Lord Rennard also raises the point that if the Prime Minister determines the date of a general election they obtain an unfair advantage for their party. Is the real reason for abolishing the Fixed-term Parliaments Act so that the timing of general elections can be manipulated to avoid scrutiny of such reports during an election campaign?

Watch the whole agenda in the House of Lords.

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