Voter Identification Regulations 2022

Voter Identification Regulations, 2022 is an amendment to introduce compulsory photo ID to vote.

There are very big issues facing the country, with the cost of living crisis being the most important for many people. The Government say, that they cannot afford to pay more to the nurses who they urged us to clap for at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, they propose a costly and bureaucratic system with significant additional costs to the taxpayer for training and communications new styles of poll cards and the supposedly free new forms of voter identification for the 1.9 million people currently without it.

The Government’s own impact assessment for introducing compulsory photo ID shows that they estimate to spend £180 million or more on this over the next decade. I wonder how many of the people who think that photo ID is a good idea would spend £180 million on it. If there is a significant problem with impersonation this has never been shown. We can save a lot of money by using other forms of ID, at no cost to the taxpayer.

Read the full Agenda on Voter Identification Regulations, 2022

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