Winning Here

Winning Here

This book is a memoir of Chris Rennard’s first 30 years in politics. The story follows his early childhood up to the year 2006.

The first part is a moving account of how his family survived after his father’s death when he was just three and then his mother’s death when he was sixteen.

Chris Rennard tells his part in bringing more campaigners to the Liberal Democrat party and the Party’s dramatic rise. This book also gives a historical account of how the Liberal Democrats became so successful in winning seats. It highlights the winning strategies used by Rennard.

Winning Here is an important document that charts the electoral rise of the Liberal Democrats under the leadership of Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy.  This book also gives an insight into Chris’ health issues such as depression and diabetes, and the toll that the campaigning life took on his health. Due to his health concerns Rennard stepped down as the Party’s Chief Executive in 2009.

The book is available in hardback and also as Ebook format. It is published by BiteBack Publishing and costs £10. The book is also available to by from Amazon.

Reviews of Winning Here

Sean O’Grady

Chris Rennard's entire working life has been dedicated to perfecting the art of a successful election campaign. His techniques are ...
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Ian Dale

But the real beauty of this book is found in the first few chapters detailing Rennard’s childhood in Liverpool. I ...
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Tony McDonough

Winning Here is far from a dry political manual. It is a compelling and very personal story that chronicles Rennard’s early-life ...
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Lord McNally

Required reading for organisers in both the Labour and Conservative Parties. A graphic description of life in the engine room ...
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Michael Steed

A valuable record of the sort of political activism and the specific methods of communications peculiar to an era in ...
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Liberal England

When the history of the Liberal Democrats comes to be written, Chris will have a central place in it and ...
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Steve Lawson

Certainly this book is generous to colleagues and friends, and suggests he is loyal and considerate in his personal dealings ...
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